Winning Album Covers: Karen Carpenter Album Cover Redesign Contest

The following eight covers are the Winners of the Karen Carpenter Album Cover Redesign Contest. The contest featured 30 covers designed by various fans from the facebook group Karen Carpenter Magazine! @

The contest itself can be found at if you are interested in looking at all 30 covers.

The dedication of these fans is a testament to Karen Carpenter’s lasting legacy of song and voice through the decades.

… and now… Here are the WINNERS
(listed in alphabetical order by the designer’s last name)

New York Skyline by Irene Economou

Irene Economou Karen Carpenter
Irene Economou is a marketing communications manager for a high-tech firm. However, her real love is doing anything creative in music and the arts, such as singing, illustrating, and writing. Her completed manuscript for a children’s book about a dragon in medieval times awaits illustrations, which will hopefully be a project in her near future. At the moment, her mom and dog are her top priorities!



If We Try by Phil England

Phile England Karen Carpenter

Phil England is a radio presenter/audio producer as well as a TV camera operator and editor. He is based in Cardiff in the UK. To find out more about him checkout his website add him as friend on facebook or follow him on twitter @philengland1


Starlight! by Rick Henry

Rick Henry Karen CarpenterRick Henry is the developer of Karen Carpenter Magazine, online with Carpenters, Karen Carpenter Avenue and Carpenters Avenue. He also has released a few books and loves music of all types, primarily alternative rock.


Hi! Karen Carpenter by Rebeca Carpenter Lyngstad

Rebeca Carpenter Lyngstad Karen Carpenter

Rebeca Carpenter Lyngstad says she tries to do the things she likes, because it’s the things she likes that always turn out perfect.



Karen by Steve Manzi

Steve Manzi Karen Carpenter

Steve Manzi has been a huge fan of Karen since the first day he saw her and Richard on TV in 1968! He remains mesmerized by the gift she was blessed with and the songs she left for us behind.


Karen Carpenter by Stewart Marshall

Karen Carpenter by Stewart Marshall

Stewart Marshall’s passion is art. Recently his daughter asked him, why he always just draws Karen Carpenter; he doesn’t, but there is just something about her beauty, and appearance he loves to capture. Of all the albums, Karen was involved with, her solo album, and Horizon are Stewart’s favorites; so he had a lot of fun, coming up with his take on her solo album cover. Stewart says, “Thank you everyone, it makes me happy, to know you enjoy my work.”


Socks by Jo Pendola

Jo Pendola Karen Carpenter

Jo Pendola says she is grateful everyday that she gets to hear Karen’s voice.


Love Making Love To You by Mathias Weatherly Schneider

Mathias Weathly Schneider Karen Carpenter

Mathias Weatherly Schneider is a drummer who sings, inspired by Karen’s artistry. He also work as a college English teacher, and enjoys arts and sports in his free time.

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  1. Jo February 10, 2015 at 4:39 am # Reply

    fun project. thanks Rick for keeping us all together celebrating KC daily.

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