Karen and Richard stayed really busy these years. In June of 1971 as stated in their fanclub newsletter, ” On February 8th they played Kearney, Nebraska, but much to the disappointment of the audience, the show had to be cut short, and Karen was taken to the hospital. She had developed flu and laryngitis. (This show was re-scheduled for May 24th). The next day was their day off (the only one they had all month) so Karen had a chance to recuperate a little. A couple more trips to doctors between Kearney and Cedar Rapids, and she was back on stage the night of the 10th.”

August 1972 Newsletter: Someone posing as Karen caused a slight turmoil by calling the T.V. stations and giving misinformation concerning show taping. The “Today” show was scheduled to be taped from their hotel suite. The impostor told the station that Karen and Richard had changed their minds and would tape at the T.V. station, then sent a cab to the hotel to take them there. It took a bit to iron out this wrinkle, but iron they did, and the show went on as scheduled at the hotel.

1972: Karen and Richard also visited the Nellis Air Force Base, meeting again with the Thunderbird pilots, and were privileged to climb aboard one of the planes while Dad Carpenter took movies of the action.

TV Appearances

Lohman & Barkley Show
The Virginia Graham Show/Special
The Dating Game
The Don Knotts Show
The David Frost Show
The Ed Sullivan Show
American Bandstand

The Andy Williams Show
This is Your Life
Grammy Awards
The Johnny Cash Show
Make Your Own Kind of Music
The Mike Douglas Show
Fifth Dimension Traveling Sunshine Show
The Carol Burnett Show
BBC in Concert (UK)
Peggy Fleming at Sun Valley

The Carol Burnett Show
Jerry Dunphy Visits The Carpenters
Grammy Awards
Academy Awards
Tom Jones’ London Bridge Special
Bob Hope Special

Live At The White House
Robert Young With The Young
Bob Hope Special

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  1. Ken Wilson: ASU Class of 71 January 17, 2016 at 3:11 pm # Reply

    The Carpenters appeared in concert at Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina 1971. I was a student there and I had an oppoaturnity to meet with Karen adn Richard…both were very charming. Karen’s smile is something I will always remember…Such a kind and sweet person.
    Ken Wiilson, ASU Class of 71

  2. Sheylyn Jaymes July 4, 2016 at 11:04 am # Reply

    The Carpenters opened for John Denver at Grady Gammage in 1972. I was at that concert and besides already liking John Denver I fell in love with the Carpenters and have loved them ever since. Karen’s drumming was phenomenal. She was dressed in blue overalls with a white t-shirt type top and looked adorable. She did step out front and sing two songs. Although I have attended many concerts I will never forget that as my all time favorite to attend.

  3. Mark Featherston February 12, 2018 at 3:12 am # Reply

    Privileged to see The Carpenters at shows in Nashville (1971) & Terre Haute IN (1972), Just began my career as a band director & was knocked out by the musicianship shown by Richard, Karen & their band. It’s now 2018 & I’m still listening.

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