Offering (1969)

Offering (1969)

Carpenters offering 1969 album coverOffering was Carpenters’ debut album. Many have commented on the album’s somewhat raw yet ambitious sound. Though the album did not chart it did lay the groundwork for what would eventually become Carpenters’ signature sound with songs such as “All Of My Life” and “Eve.” “Offering” also gave the music listening public the first glimpses of Carpenters’ musical diversity with songs such as the all out jazz-fusion tune “All I Can Do,” in which Karen Carpenter gives a great drum performance including some complex timed patterns and “Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing” a great protest tune written by the master of social consciousness Neil Young. Despite the fact that the album failed to chart it did manage to contain one semi-hit single with a wonderful ballad reworking of The Beatles’ “Ticket To Ride.” The song spent 12 weeks on the US singles chart and peaked at #54.

Many Carpenters fans have expressed their dislike for the album cover, while some have commented that the photo captures the mood of the late 60’s flower power generation.

The album was released on October 9, 1969 and sold approximately 18,000 copies.

Album Information

Release Date: October 9, 1969
Catalog Number: SP 4205

Album Credits:

  • Richard Carpenter: lead and backing vocals, piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, harpsichord
  • Karen Carpenter: lead and backing vocals, drums, bass on “All of My Life” and “Eve”
  • Joe Osborn: bass
  • Bob Messenger: bass
  • Gary Sims: guitar on “All of My Life”
  • Herb Alpert: shakers
  • Producer: Jack Daugherty
  • Engineer: Ray Gerhardt
  • Art director: Tom Wilkes
  • Photographer: Jim McCrary

This video is the original recording of the song “Ticket To Ride” which appeared on the album “Offering”

Album Dedication:
“Music is simple magic. A rhythm, a melody, a dash of words…presto. It’s medicine for the soul, food for love, the essence of divinity, a reason for being. It can soar through an infinite range of ups and downs, strike a million dissonant chords, and topple the strongest resistance. But for all its travels, however wide, however deep, it never forgets to make its simple offering. Enclosed, neatly tucked between the confines of this cardboard jacket, is one of the most beautiful gifts two people can offer. The vocal sound is a product of Richard and Karen Carpenter. In addition to the vocals Karen (age 19) plays drums on all the selections and on two of the offerings she plays electric bass. Her brother, Richard, sings, plays the keyboard instruments, composed ten of the songs, and arranged all of them.” 

It is with pleasure A&M Presents: CARPENTERS

– Herb Alpert


In an interview from 1975, Richard shared some of his thoughts about Offering:

“That album, I had finished in my mind years before we got the contract. That wasn’t where I was at the time we signed, and some of it could have been a lot better, but you can hear that the ideas were there. Time-signature changes, extended solos, and things that we don’t do now. I should’ve just forgotten it and gotten down to where I was at the moment. But it was like I had to do that album, I didn’t care if we had gotten signed in 1980, that was what the first album was going to sound like. And that’s what we did. And that’s why there is such a big difference between the Close to You album and the Offering album.”

Carpenters offering label











Carpenters Offering 1969 outtake 2

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Carpenters Offering 1969 inner sleeve Carpenters Offering inner sleeve 2











“Offering” (1969)


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