Voice Of The Heart (1983)

Voice Of The Heart (1983)

Carpenters Voice of the Heart album cover 1983Released on October 18, 1983, “Voice Of The Heart” was the first of three compilations, consisting of previously unreleased material, to be released after Karen Carpenter’s untimely death. Many fans call “Voice of the Heart” the Carpenters’ eleventh studio album, but in reality it is not a studio album as only two of the songs were recorded for the album, the rest of the songs are collected from various periods of Carpenters’ recording career. The songs range recording periods from 1976 through 1982.

One music critic stated that “Voice of the Heart” was not the most compelling work released by Carpenters, but it was an appropriate and poignant reminder of how Karen Carpenter enriched the world with her graceful voice.

“Voice of the Heart” has the distinction of containing Karen’s last two recorded vocals in the songs “You’re Enough” and “Now.” In April 1982 Karen recorded her vocals for “Now,” which was the last time she was in the studio. “Now” holds a poignant sentiment for many fans of Karen’s Carpenter due to the fact it was her last recording. Karen’s vocal is a “work vocal” which would be used for the purpose of piecing together the instrumental track of the song. The intent would be for Karen to come back into the studio to record a final vocal for the official release. Sadly, that final vocal was never recorded. Although the “work vocal” is not up to par with Karen’s finest work, it does, however, reveal the fact that Karen’s voice remained intact even during the worst of her illness. Fans are split on their views of this song. Some say it ranks within Karen’s finest vocal performances, others say it is a weak and sometimes off the mark performance. Regardless the song is held in high esteem amongst Karen Carpenter and Carpenters fans.

A second recording of “Make Believe It’s Your First Time” was included on this album. Karen Carpenter recorded the song for her solo album in 1979, her version was an intimate and subdued arrangement that brought Karen’s voice to the forefront. In the arrangement that appears on “Voice of the Heart,” Richard Carpenter added the OK Chorale and excessively lush orchestration. Many fans feel Karen’s original recording for her album is the better and definitive version. “Make Believe It’s Your First Time” was released as the lead single from “Voice of the Heart” with minimal promotion and reached #101 on the US Singles chart and #7 on the adult contemporary chart. In Ireland the song made it to #20.

Many fans consider “Ordinary Fool” to be the best song featured on the album. Carpenters worked on this tune back in 1976 during the “A Kind of Hush” sessions. It is a mystery to many as to why the song was not included on the album. Some fans feel had the song been released in 1976 it may have been a hit. In her smooth and rich style Karen Carpenter gives you the sense or feeling of sipping on a glass of wine in a smoky, jazz club where the torch singer is standing right there in front of you, singing her heart out, much the same feel you get while listening to “This Masquerade.” John Phillips brings the song home with an extraordinary, sax solo. “Ordinary Fool” is a highlight, not only on “Voice of the Heart,” but in the entire output of the Carpenters’ catalog. Paul Williams wrote the song in 1975, and recorded and released it on his 1975 A&M album of the same name. Many Paul Williams fans call “Ordinary Fool” one of his best albums. Shortly after the release of Williams’ 1975 album, the song “Ordinary Fool” came to the attention of Carpenters.

Another album highlight “Sailing On The Tide” was written by Tony Peluso (Carpenters’ guitarist) and lyricist John Bettis. “Sailing on the Tide” was recorded in 1977 during the “Passage” recording sessions. Carpenters had a particularly tough time bringing this song together and decided to put it aside in order to proceed with other songs. “Sailing on the Tide” contains a range of good-time, upbeat feelings including flourishes of both acoustic and electric guitar. Of course, the guitar has its presence having been written by Tony Peluso. One of the most prominent attractions in the song is the fun tempo change in the middle, where Tony’s electric guitar goes wild and swirling, synthesized-percussive effects appear. “Sailing on the Tide” is well-liked by fans that call the song one of the Carpenters’ happiest-sounding songs.

The following are the dates each song on the album was recorded: “You’re Enough” (1982), “Now” (1982), “You’re Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore” (1980), “Two Lives” (1980), “Make Believe It’s Your First Time” (1980), “At the End of a Song” (1980), “Look to Your Dreams” (1978), “Ordinary Fool” (1976), “Sailing on the Tide” (1977), “Prime Time Love” (1980).

Album Information

Release Date: October 18, 1983
Catalog Number: SP-4954
Chart Positions: #46 US, #13 UK, Australia, #41 Japan
Certifications: Gold (US, UK)
Singles: “I Believe You” (released in 1978 intended for an album that would have been released in 1979), “Make Believe It’s Your First Time,” “Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore,” “Now”
B-Sides: “Look To Your Dreams” (b-side of “Make Believe It’s Your First Time” and “Now”), “Sailing On The Tide” (b-side of “Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore’)

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Album Credits

Producer: Richard Carpenter
Arrangements: Richard Carpenter, Peter Knight (Look to Your Dreams)
Lead Vocals: Karen Carpenter
Background Vocals: Karen Carpenter, Richard Carpenter, The OK Chorale (under the direction of Ron Hicklin, conducted by Dick Bolk)
Drums: Ron Tutt, Ed Greene, Larrie Londin
Percussion: Paulinho DaCosta, Peter Limonick
Keyboards: Richard Carpenter
Electric Guitar: Tony Peluso
Acoustic Guitar: Tim May, Tony Peluso, Dennis Budimir, Fred Tackett
Steel Guitar: Jay Dee Maness
Bass: Joe Osborn, Chuck Del’Monico
Tenor Sax: John Phillips, Tom Scott
Oboe: Earl Dumler
English Horn: Earl Dumler
Flute: Sheridon Stokes, Tom Scott
Flugelhorn: Chuck Findley, Ron Gorow, John Audino
Recorders: Sheridon Stokes
Trumpet: Chuck Findley
Harp: Gayle Levant
Synthesizer: Shaun Furlong
Concertmaster (Lead Violin): Jimmy Getzoff
Engineer: Roger “Mingo” Young
Assistant Engineer: Robert De La Garza
Mastering Engineer: Bernie Grundman
Mix-down Engineer: Roger Young
Mix-down Assistant: Robert De La Garza, David Cole, Robin Laine
Recorded at A&M Recording Studios
Mixed at A&M Recording Studios, Capitol Recording Studios and The Village Recorder
Contractor: Jules Chaikin
Art Direction: Chuck Beeson
Photography: Claude Mougin (front cover), Larry Williams (back cover), Annie Liebovitz (inner sleeve)
Special Thanks: Ron Gorow, John Bettis, Roger Young, Don Hahn, Mimi Thomas, all the guys in the shop: Ken, Gary, Bill, Karl; Werner Wolfen, Herb, Jerry and the entire A&M family
Personal Management: Jerry Weintraub

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“Voice Of The Heart”

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