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Hello my friends!

My name is Rick Henry and I am the owner and editor of LeadSister.com. I truly enjoy designing and maintaining websites such as this one. I have several other websites to honor my favorite musicians such as Pink Floyd and Donna Summer. Soon I will develop a site for Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Omar is one of the founding members of the experimental rock band The Mars Volta. I consider Omar to be one of the most influential musicians of the past fifteen years (it is currently 2016).

Along with my websites I have written and published several books. All of which are featured on this page. I am listing in order of newest first.

Rick Henry’s Jazz Art

This book contains original artwork I created from photos and drawing I drew to honor some of my favorite jazz musicians such as Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Hermann Szobel, Stefon Harris and several others. (Published on May 26, 2016)

Rick Henry's Jazz Art paperback front cover













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The Girl With The Magic Balloon (By Fernando Cobos and Rick Henry)

This children’s book magical book was illustrated by Fernando Cobos and written by Rick Henry (with many ideas from Fernando)

“The Girl and the Magic Balloon” tells the tale of Gabriella, a creative little girl, as she travels to a far off land with her magic balloon. (Published November 19, 2015)

The Girl and the Magic Balloon cover 2015_edited-1








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The Carpenters Online Interviews (Expanded Edition) 

This book contains several interviews I conducted with musicians, friends and songwriters that have work with Carpenters or Karen. Included in the book is a special section dedicated to Karen’s most fantastic solo album. (Published January 30, 2015, black and white edition published on February 9, 2015)

The Carpenters Online Interviews Expanded Edition 2015











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Carpenters – Album by Album: Song by Song

This book is an extensive look at every album and every song recorded and released by Karen Carpenter and Richard Carpenter as a duo and as solo artists. The book covers each song giving historical data and personal viewpoints along with comments from songwriters, musicians and fans. (Published January 14, 2014)

Carpenters album by album paperback














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My Favorite Beatles Collectibles (by Chris Ricks)

Chris Ricks is a pseudonym for Rick Henry and his brother Chris Henry. Chris is a huge Beatles fans and the items featured in this e-book belong to him. Rick took the photos and helped Chris put the book together. 50 pictures are included in this volume, some of which are rarely seen on the internet. (Published March 2010 reissued January 13, 2014) Available only in e-book format

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The Carpenters Online Interviews

This is where it all started, “The Carpenters Online” was my first book. It is the first edition of interviews. The book contains fourteen interviews with musicians, songwriters, authors and fans connected with the music of the Carpenters. (Published May 2009, reissued January 13, 2014) Available only in e-book format.

(The expanded edition published in 2015 contains all the interviews from the original “The Carpenters Online Interviews” edition plus updates on these interviews and about 15 more new interviews).

The Carpenters Online Interviews kindle












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