Celebrating 20 Years of Karen Carpenter Solo

Karen Carpenter’s beloved solo album was recorded throughout most of 1979 and the early months of 1980. Many well known musicians were involved including Phil Ramone (producer extraordinaire), Bob James (jazz legend ), Rod Temperton (songwriter of “Thriller” and many other great hits ), Peter Cetera (Chicago band member), Liberty DeVitto (drummer in the Billy Joel band), Russell Javors (bass player in the Billy Joel band) and several others. The famous Karen Carpenter solo photo shoot on February 2, 1980 with Claude Mougin and Phyllis Posnick. The album was due to be released in the mid to later part of March 1980. “Creative” differences arose and A&M Records decided to shelve the album. Despite Karen maintained the perspective that her album was great and had she been given the choice she would have released it. With in less than three years our most cherished Karen Carpenter passed away from complications due to Anorexia Nervosa. The idea of the public ever hearing or knowing about Karen’s solo album was pretty much put away.

As the years proceeded more and more diehard fans kept asking about Karen’s solo album. First generation fans knew of the solo album from the Carpenters fan club newsletters. Finally it reached a point that the demand for Karen’s album brought the realization to A&M and Richard Carpenter that this was not going to die down so the decision was made to release it. That day arrived on October 8, 1996. The world finally got the chance to hear Karen’s album as she approved it.
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The following is a set of fun 80s styled images created by Rick Henry and Irene Economou to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the release of Karen Carpenter solo.

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Karen Carpenter




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