Quotables About Karen


“The image we have would be impossible for Mickey Mouse to maintain.
We’re just….normal people.”

“I had no idea whether I could play ’em or not, but I wanted to and I was very determined. . . but the band director said “That’s not really normal.” Of course, all you have to tell me is that something’s not normal and I’ll go for it!!”

“She has to be looking down and just enjoying it all!”

Singer/Close Friend

“She was a good friend, a lovely person and very funny. She had the most incredible voice and her death was a big shock to me. I miss her.”


Karen gave voice to my lyrics and in the process really launched my career. I’ll be forever grateful for the all too brief association. Her golden voice and magical personality will live forever. It was an honor to be a part of her repetoire …
( Thanks to Mr. Williams for sending this!)

“We were just born to be a team” (R. Carpenter)

“They’ll never be part of the Rock & Roll Hall of fame, neither will I” (John Denver)

“She (Karen) was a very nice girl” (Alan Osmond)

“Everything they did was great as far as we were concerned” (Agnes Carpenter)

“Richard was a key ingredient for Karen’s performance” (Herb Alpert)

“I feel like Karen and I were friends, and had I not been in so much in my own stuff at the time I might have recognized a bit of the pain that she was going through…and quite honestly I can’t hear one of their records without feeling that I could have been a better friend of her” (John Denver)

“Karen was not happy, she had moments of happiness, but overall, I think her heart was pretty heavy” (Maria Galeazzi)

“To be around Karen’s anorexia was frustrating” (John Bettis)

“I miss her terribly but I know she watching with a smile”

“In a way, Karen was like my little sister, says John Bettis, who wrote the lyrics to many Carpenters hits. “In a way, she was also like my big sister. She was the voice for my words for a lot of years.”

“My words have lost the best voice they ever had”

“She won the battle but lost the war”

the president of A&M Records

Described her; she was “…the girl next door, always up even when she was down”

Observation of Karen in the beginning
“Karen was 19 looking like she was 13, very unsophisticated, let’s go bowling, grab a coke and a hot dog, put the car top down and go cruising.”

“….seemed to want success mostly for Richard’s sake.”

Karen was very slow to carry herself with confidence as being a focal point. At the Grammy Awards, 1971, she was “shy and retiring, not even holding her head straight but looking coy.”

Close friend to Karen

“She really gave me a lot of support. She was a true friend before we were really friends. You know, that’s a quality that not too many humans have.”

Former International Publicity Director, A & M

“I think there were two sides to Karen. I mean, there was this intelligent, witty, sarcastic, funny woman….who had a…I think she had a really good grasp on reality and then there was this fantasy child, you know, who wanted to go to the Cinderella castle and get married and live happily ever after.”

“She was gifted with a tremendous instrument she knew how to use.”

“I just want to tell you, love, that I think you’ve got a fabulous voice”

(Friend of KC)

“People say she sang from the heart, but I feel it was from her soul, some sort of soul that she wasn’t even in touch with. She was a very smart girl but not particularly intellectual. Yet when she sang there was an intelligence, a message that borders on profundity, so well thought out and expressive that it came from something beyond her.”

“and I never understood the, nor will I ever understand, what it was that she saw through her eyes, in the mirror”

Gene Simmons
From the band: KISS

On singer Karen Carpenter: “Where I had initially walked down with seduction on my mind, the truth is, sex was the last thing that either one of us wanted from the other that night.” Mostly intellectual conversation. A miss.”

“Gut Feelings” by Carnie Wilson
“I knew I wanted to be a singer when I heard voices like Barbara Streisand and Karen Carpenter. My parents loved the Carpenters, and we played their records all the time at home. It didn’t matter whether you liked that style of music or not. It was the magic in Karen’s voice that was so soothing, and the lushness of the layered harmonies that were like soft clouds of sound.”

Excerpt from a book written by Richard Simmons

“I remember once I took a reservation for the Carpenters, and the whole family came in: mother, father Richard and Karen. Although there had been a lot of articles about Karen being heavy, by this time she was very thin. They ordered everything: the mozzarella marinara, the french-fried zucchini basket with Parmesan cheese, the baby shrimp whipped into a cream sauce and put into a light pastry shell, the Caesar salad, veal dishes, and pasta. I noticed right away that Karen cut her food and sort of moved it around the plate, but she ate very little. She never touched her entree. I had been there. I knew the consequences of starving, and I was a little worried about her. When I cleared the table, there was still a lot of food on her plate.
I joked, “Come on Karen. Finish this up.” And then I started singing, “Close to you…” and they all laughed-all except her brother Richard. He didn’t think I was so funny.
Not too long after this dinner, Karen died. I read newspaper reports of her longtime battle to be thin. I felt a great sadness. How I wished there was something I could have said or done for her, something that would have helped her to understand that she was on a dead-end path. Would she have listened? I would never know. But I was deeply troubled by her death. She and I were closer than I thought…”

“Karen Carpenter. She is one of my biggest inspirations. Her voice is beyond words”

“My musical influences — wow. They ranged from Karen Carpenter to the Supremes to Led Zeppelin. Those were my musical influences”

“Karen Carpenter had an amazing voice, I just wish she thought the same about her body image.”

“…I compare her with Nat King Cole and uh….there’s very few singers that are that rich actually….”

Said Karen had a “marvelous instrument”

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