Stewart Marshall… Photo Artist

Stewart Marshall is an photo artist. He takes ordinary (or extraordinary) photos and makes them a work of art. and Rick Henry are proud to present Stewart Marshall:

My name is Stewart Marshall, and I live in Lincoln in the UK. I worked until recently, for the National health service. Presently, I’m in the throes of starting my own business, restoring old photographs. I’ve been a fan of Karen Carpenter, and indeed the Carpenters, for 33+ years. My parents, were defiantly the king and queen, of easy listening. Anything from Doris Day to Nat King Cole, so I was brought up listening to the Carpenters. I can remember, when I was about 6 yrs, (about 73/74 time), listening to the Carpenters on my parents radiogram. I had been warned off touching that antiquated machine, but time after time, there I would be, when my parents weren’t around. I can remember listening to, my beloved “Top of the world” and “yesterday once more”. At the time, all I knew, was the record cover was brown, and that woman’s voice was mesmerising. I risked being caught, on many occasions. As I got older, I found out who had been singing, and although I wasn’t a Huge diehard fan, I was hooked. In 1976, I discovered Elvis Presley, and I became obsessed with his music, films etc. although I still liked Karens music, it was pushed, to the back burner. 1983 was hectic for me, I was taking my final exams at school. When I first heard, that Karen had died, I just remember thinking, that it just wasn’t fair. It seemed that all the greatest stars, are taken away so young. My first Carpenters LP, was Voice of the heart, that picture of Karen, on the cover, haunted me for ages. Even now when I see it, I’m always reminded, just how young, and how cruelly she was snatched away from us. In 2010, I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder, the build up to that revelation, I had been in a very dark place. My marriage failed, and I went back to my family home, and my parents. I don’t normally say this, I was at rock bottom, as far as my life was concerned. Then I was listening to the radio, and the song, “one more time” came on. As daft as I know this sounds, something clicked in me. I can’t remember, how many times, I listened to Karen singing, I just couldn’t get enough, of her music. Then I realised, that something inside of me, was alive again. After that, things started to improve, and my life started to move forward again. I will never forget, how Karen came into my life, and through her music, how she gave me the push I needed. If anyone thinks I’m mad? Well you might be right. I’m not saying Karen came to me in a vision, but she defiantly came to me through her music, and I’m still here, because of that. I have always loved drawing, painting etc. I have very fond memories, as a youth in my teens, stinking my parents house out, with oil paints. I’m all self taught, but I’ve had a lot of fun learning. I tend now to do digital based art, as I feel it gives, a more realistic result. I use various program’s from photoshop to artstudio. I can produce a project on my computer, iPad, or cell phone. I love it, as I can work on the go. I have lots of ideas for projects, some work, lots don’t. I get ideas from all over, looking at photos on the internet, something I might have heard about Karen etc.

Check out the following photos created by Stewart Marshall:

stewart 1

stewart 2

stewart 4

stewart 5

stewart 6

stewart 7

Stewart specifically created this next photo fro me (Rick henry) as he knows how much I love 1974-1975 era Karen Carpenter. Now all he needs to do is create one(for me)  from her solo album photo sessions.

stewart 8

The following photos are a few of his non Karen Carpenter works:

stewart m 1 stewart m 2

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